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We aim to pickup your animal within 24-hours of you notifying us, but it can longer depending on workload, staffing, etc. We will contact you to confirm a date/time window that we will arrive as well as payment information.

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We will contact you to confirm your pickup date/time window as well as payment information.

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Confirm deceased

It may sound crazy, but this comes from years of experience. We ask that you confirm that your animal has indeed departed. Contact us within 24-hours of verification.


give us a call

We will discuss pick-up information such as location, animal type & size, and pricing during our call. We arrange pickup times based on set routes so recoveries will have a set window.


prepare animal

Before our arrival, we ask that you prepare the deceased animal and the surrounding area for our loader to pick up the carcass correctly. Specific directions will be provided.


animal pickup

We strive to work efficiently while respecting your home, land, and family. Please let us know of any special instructions or specific requests you may have prior to our arrival.