Organic Compost

Introducing Cowman $ense Compost - a locally-source composting material that is 100% organic.

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Just because we are the only ones around doing this, doesn't mean we don't take pride in our work.


Society doesn't seem to have much of this anymore! We felt obligated to aid in the need to produce a natural product that simply makes common sense. It offers a biological fix that your soils are starving for. We feel that after you use our  Cowman $ense Compost, you will replace many inputs. Ultimately, we believe you will save money and rectify deficient soils without high-priced ingredients that are not as natural as our product.


Ewe will think this is just Swine as we will Alpaca as much good stuff in as possible. We are not Horsing around here as this will get your Goat when you realize this is as strong as Mule. We can never Buffalo you and when you see it work, you just might have a Cow. Camel on and try it as it will feed your good bugs. Rabbits will jump start Micro-Fungi from the sawdust. Corn stalks, straw, and Feed waste will not Fowl anything up.

fast animal carcass pickup

We strive to reach your deceased animal within 48 hours of your initial contact, but we are quite often able to schedule a pickup within 24 hours.

sustainable upcycling

You can be proud of your contribution to saving our planet as you will be responsibly eliminating potential harmful waste by reusing the animal carcass.

environmentally conscious & safe

Protect your family and your home's surrounding land from animal diseases while keeping potential harmful byproducts out of the water supply.

how it works

animal recovery PROCESS

Confirm deceased

It may sound crazy, but this comes from years of experience. We ask that you confirm that your animal has indeed departed. Contact us within 24-hours of verification.

prepare animal

Before our arrival, we may ask that you prepare the deceased animal and the surrounding area for our loader to pick up the carcass correctly.

give us a call

We will discuss pick-up information such as location, animal type & size, and pricing during our call. Also, let us know if you have any wishes for the remains of the animal.

animal pickup

We strive to work efficiently while respecting your home, your land, and your family. Please let us know of any special requests you may have.

schedule animal pickup

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Frequently Asked Questions

We don't just answer questions on a daily basis. We are always happy to help our customers find the answers they need, so if you have something in particular that's nailed your attention or not listed here feel free give us call!

What is the minimum order amount for the compost?

Currently, we primarily service farmland with our compost which has a minimum order of 1 ton.

What does the Common $ense Compost pricing start at?

Our current pricing begins at $0.02/lb.

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